Refugee history is the main focus of my research and teaching at the moment, and posts about refugees—in the present as well as the past—get the most interest on this blog. So I thought I’d compile a list of related posts and keep it here permanently. I’ll update it as and when. There are a couple of links to academic publications here: if you’re unable to get access to them, please email me (address here) and I’ll be happy to send you a PDF.

The Storified versions of my Twitter threads about Alexander Betts and Paul Collier’s 2017 book Refuge: transforming a broken refugee system have now vanished, along with Storify itself. However, the threads themselves are still there. The first took issue with some misunderstandings in David Goodhart’s very approving review: it starts here. (Goodhart didn’t like it very much.) Once I’d obtained a copy of this deeply problematic book myself, I started live-tweeting it, but found so many problems that I didn’t continue past the preamble and introduction—it was taking too long. I did finish the book, though, and my review essay considering it from a historian’s perspective was published in 2019.